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Roles and Responsibilities Of a  Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent salary or brokerage has sky rocketed in urban india these days. They are responsible for connecting buyers and sellers and ensuring that construction sector is sustainable in the country. Reality sector is cash filled sector and now new regulations are in place to protect the buyers . An agent will get salary from both buyer and seller on percentage basis of the value of the asset or constructed site.

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Roles of a Real Estate Agent:

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The main role is coordination, they have to ensure they get a negotiable proce for their party and ensure the legitimacy of the documents of the asset . They need to have good convincing skills and their approach should be pleasant and humble. Their work is to sustain the agreement without anh conflict. They also involve in contacting the document readers and writers in ensuring that proper documentation is compiled.

RESPONSIBILITIES of the agent are to get all the documents ready on the table. The real estate agent salary also includes his ability to get the mother deeds and sale deeds. They also need to check the loaning on the property and get no objection certificate from the creditors. They also have to see through that their customer is guaranteed with the best asset or site to buy at an affordable price without mall practices.


 The salary or brokerage is fixes at percentage basis for a particular area or a city . They need to have developed good NETWORKING in the city . They should have good contacts to get to know about the sale of property in the area this demands regular travelling and also maintaining an office so that they can get to know people and also popularise themselves.

Advertising their firm and also about themselves is important considering the competition in the sector . This also causes financial constraints on the real estate agent salary . An agent needs to consider all these before taking up his task or entering the reality sector

However the returns are high and have good cost Benefit ratios compared to other sectors . The real estate AGENT’S salaries have made them billionaires in metropolitan areas like Bangalore, Mumbai, delhi .Unsustainable urban development has caused crunching of the sector and has resulted in saturation.